Our UNIQUE Offerings

Thirty years ago, The Alan Flusser Custom Shop hung out its shingle. The following year, the shop’s clothes appeared in the movie Wall Street and jump-started the business. As one of Manhattan’s two custom tailors still going strong from that era, the Flusser in-house silhouette continues to articulate the company’s guiding mission - that each bespoke garment provides its owner with no less than twenty years of stylish longevity. 



We deliver the “real deal”... modern hand-made clothes designed and tailored in the Savile Row tradition. Moreover, we like to think that our expertise extends to helping our clients apply educated taste in navigating fashion’s style-challenged landscape.


Our essentially hand-tailored, made-to-measure clothing looks and feels much like our bespoke product. Each garment has a final fitting, and then is finished, hand-buttonholed, and pressed in our bespoke workshop. At half the cost of our custom clothes, our MTM garments represent a legitimate value as well as a long-term investment.

Sportswear & ACCESSORIES

Whether Nantucket bound, sluicing at Southampton's grass and members-only Meadows Club, or cooling your heels at one of Palm Beach's famed watering holes, we have a selection of sports-minded raiment capable of engaging, if not restoring, both your spirit and soul. 



Our women’s garments represent a trajectory to timeless, high-class personal fashion. The hand-tailored shell molds to your body, becoming not only more feminine with time, but ultimately your go-to friend, the first one you pull out of the closet in the morning and the last one you take off at night. Visit our women's website Flusser Femme.